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Recently on a discussion on the NodeJS list about a non-blocking JSON.stringify, this came up, (along with the more useful suggestions in Clarinet [Written in JS] or Yajl [Written in C]):

Embedded gist in full post:

Productivity rehash: WM Promiscuity - Ratpoison

I wrote this a while back.

Ever since, things have changed a wee bit.

V8 internals, for human beings

If you're as fascinated with Google's V8 as I am and aren't particularly patient (or adept) enough to read beyond the lines, here's a wonderful post to read as well as a blog to follow:

The power of analogy.

Some days ago on Hacker News, I came across this fascinating analogy to illustrate what can be a serious WTF to C++ n00bs (or not) quite easily.

You rent a hotel room. You put a book in the top drawer of the bedside table and go to sleep. You check out the next morning, but "forget" to give back your key. You steal the key!

Drupal Workshop at RVCE Bangalore

There's a Drupal workshop on at RVCE, Bangalore. This is primarily intended at VTU faculty, but I've been told that this is open to all:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering , Information Science and
Engineering and Master of Computer Applications of R.V.College of
Engineering are jointly organizing a 5 day workshop on developing websites

BPUG Meet, Aug 2011

There seems to be some activity gathering around the Bangalore PHP User Group initiative, with some (hopefully) useful meetups scheduled in the months to come. The first of these is the one upcoming in Aug, where we plan to discuss ways to get an informal but more active group up and running.


We've requirements for the following species of developers.

* Python, Django developers: 2+ years of experience.
* PHP, Drupal developers: 3+ years of experience.
* NodeJS developers: 3+ years of experience (with JavaScript)

My experiments with productivity.

KDE -> Ratpoison -> Awesome

KDE is great to flaunt (esp to your friends on shiny Winedwhores 7 junk), but too bulky for my liking. Htop reported that I was using approximately 350MB of memory consistently (no Nepomuk *)) and this sounded ridiculous enough to warrant a full-scale switch to Ratpoison.

[8:32:32 am] * pavan_ just switched over to Ratpoison from KDE.
[8:33:20 am] Quit SandGorgon has left this server (Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
[8:35:51 am] <wheels> [10 minutes pass]
[8:35:59 am] <wheels> * pavan_ just switched back.

Work, Play, GeekLife.

Apart from the curious lack of direction (virtual-solo projects and the FUDs thereof), there hasn't been too much worthy of interest in the last 3-4 months or so.

* Much ado about JavaScript:

node.js: Finally, JS outside all the pot-plumbing in DOM-land. It's been a tremendous journey discovering node all the way this far, and it looks like a project for the future.